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Address: Floor 4, Building 2, Zhongkenuo Industrial Park, Hezhou Development Area, Xixiang, Bao′an District, Shenzhen
Tel: 86-755-29972253 / 27916253 /
Fax: 86- 755-29972383
Contact: Qiu' 13802571766
Company Profile
Shenzhen Tenglongtai Electronic Equipment located in the Leader of the country's reform and opening up city-Shenzhen .It is a high-tech enterprises of R&D,production,sales,which is specialized in fixture design,electronic test frame,pneumatic,hydraulic,electric and automation equipment.It has been established in 2000.After years of researching and exchanging,it has absorbed the high quality fixture design technology and production technology.It has become the well-known fixture,test stand,small automation equipment suppliers in SHENZHEN,and thus it won the recognition by a large number of customers......>>More
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Hydraulic press Pneumatic test fixture Finished test fixture Test fixture LCD PCBA visual para hot press PCBA test fixture Help set (IC) open short circuit tester Rod type test stand Pneumatic press Common flip type test stand Manual tablet PC PCBA testing Double cylinder type hot press Transparent test frame